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환생Dear Mother

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 역사, 문화예술
  • Original Language : Korean, Iranian, Vietnamese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 07/2014~06/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 80min * 1episodes
Log Line

An ode to old women who have lived with memories of war that couldn’t pass out.


The Cold war, Politics, Ideology, confrontation and conflict between religions became a cause to the outbreak of war in 20th century of Asia. The victims of war who have suffered most are the deceased, children and women. Here is a Korean woman who went through the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Iran-Iraq War. And there is a Vietnamese woman who lost her family in a massacre during the war. Also there is an Iranian woman who lost her son in the war. We could see deeply and slowly into our lives that we couldn’t have consider through Iran and Vietnam, Present and Past, totally different world between the deceased and the living, a Place and People that couldn’t easily contact.

Director / Producer
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    IM Heung-soon(Director)

    IM Heung-soon is a visual artist and film director. Since the early works on his working-class family, he has explored the lives of people who are marginalized in social, political, capitalist, and national contexts. His political yet emotional works are embodied through various visual mediums. His works have been shown at domestic and international exhibitions such as the Gwangju Biennale, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Sharjah Biennale, Venezia Biennale, MoMA PS1 etc. He directed <Jeju Prayer>(2012) which is his first long film, and <Factory Complex>(2015), his latest work. <Factory Complex> won the Silver Lion Award.

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    KIM Min-kyung(Producer)

    Producer KIM Min-kyung has cut across film and public art. She has made film as taking a various role of producing, designing project, directing. She has produced <Anyang, Paradise City, 2010>(Directed by PARK Chan-kyung, Produced by APAP), <Jeju Prayer, 2012>(Directed by IM Heung-soon, Produced by BANDAL), <MANSHIN: Ten Thousand spirits, 2013>(Directed by Park Chan-kyung, Produced by BOL), <Highway Stars, 2014>(Directed by KIM Ji-gon, Produced by BANDAL UNREFINED RICE WINE UNION), <Factory Complex, 2015>(Directed by IM Heung-soon, Produced by BANDAL). Also she continues to explore fresh viewpoint and ways to Korean film.

Production Company
  • Name : BANDAL

    Contact : +82 10-3239-9809 /