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울트라 젠틀맨The Boys are Back in Town

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 문화예술
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 06/2013~06/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 100min * 1episodes
Log Line

The boys are back in town is the story of indie rock musician who is looking for vocal.


Seung-woo who is a 20 year veteran rock musician, form a band named ‘The Monotones’. But the firstvocal’s skill was below standard, and the second vocal has been cast in a new soap opera. Finally they meet the third vocal, Sae-young. ‘The Monotones’ hold their debut concert. ButSae-Young leaves the band, because his personality was not compatible with Seung-Woo. They tried to find a new vocal, but that was hard to find a good vocalat that time. They were idling away their time without vocal, and they became more tired. Seung-Woo decides to perform without vocal. It is his last effort to keep the band ‘The Monotones’. Through the monotones’ rooftop concert without vocal, they came to realize that here is where they should be, and they remember when they first began.

Director / Producer
  • 118_갈재민_D.jpg
    KARL Jae-min(Director)

    2014 : Neowiz Games, 'Bless' with Hans Zimmer, Documentary
    2012 : <Bye Bye Badman - Yellow Light>, Music Video
    2011 : <The Moonshiners - Motel Manhattan, The Black Sea Call Me>, Music Video
    2010 : <Secret Show>, Short Film, 26min
    2009 : <Scary Moments>, Film, 45min
    2008 : <The Boys Are Back In Town>, Film, 15min
    2007 : <Happening>, Film, 20min

  • 120_김일권_P.JPG
    KIM Il-kwon(Producer)

    CEO, Cinema DAL
    2015 : <An Omnivorous Family’s Dilemma>, Documentary, Producer
    2013 : <Sage Solutions>, Documentary, Producer
    2012 : <Tour of Duty>, Documentary, Producer
    2011 : <No Name Stars>, Documentary, Producer
    2009 : <Banhobi>, <One Step More To The Sea>, Film, Producer
    2008 : <Into the Breeze>, Documentary, Producer
    2007 : <Milky Way Liberation Front>, Film, Producer