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그 날 이후The Day After

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 사회·정치
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 04/2014~12/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 100min * 1episodes
Log Line

304 people went down with a ferry. Time betrayed the victims, and mothers of missing children are still at war.


249 of the 304 victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy were high school students on a school trip that day. At the most crucial moment, the captain and crew abandoned the ship and its passengers, and the government squandered all of the golden hours available for rescue, failing to save even a single soul. The owner of the Sewol Ferry was later found dead, and the government maneuvered cleverly to sabotage the enactment of a special law (for the compensation of victims and reinforcement of safety measures, etc.) and the activities of the investigative committee established to ascertain the truth. 1 and 1/2 years later, there is no truth revealed. Up until today, some mothers remain in mourning for their lost children, engaging in a lonesome struggle to find the truth, shouting out loud, to whoever would lend their ear, to help them find even a single bone or any trace of their loved ones.

Director / Producer
  • A_그 날 이후_감독_이승구.jpg
    LEE Seung-ku(Director)

    Since he started making documentary films in 1998, he has been involved in numerous films especially about disaster in Sichuan earghquake, Fukushima Tshunami, Indonesia Earghquake, etc. He stayed with victim's family at Jindo gymnasium for seven months while serching for dead bodies has been undergoing, and recorded the time of pain and greeves. Afterwards until now, his camera is always with victim's family wherever they go for demanding investigation and salvage of the wrecked ship.

  • A_그 날 이후_프로듀서_한경수.jpg
    HAN Kyung-soo(Producer)

    Since 1999, he has produced and directed documentary films for Korean TV Channels, and recently focuses on working as a producer to introduce Korean documentaries to international audience. "My Love, Don't Cross That River" - directed by Moyoung Jin, and co-produced with DRTV (Denmark) - has been invited to many international film festivals such as Hot Docs and DOK Leipzig, and awarded Best Documentary Award (LA), Special Jury Award(Millenium) Audience Award (DMZ, Vision du Reel, Moscow, TRT). "With or Without You" - directed by Hyuckjee Park, and co-produced with ZDF/Arte(Germany/France), DRTV(Denmark), Aljazeera Documentary Channel(Quatar), BOS(Netherland) - has been invited to DOK Leipzig.