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12명의 부인12 Wives

  • Production Country : Indonesia
  • Category : Social·political
  • Original Language : Sumbanese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 05/2015 ~ 08/2015
  • Number of Episodes : 90min * 1episodes
Log Line

Yustin is against polygamy in a culture where it is part of daily life.


Yustin is a young mother. Her husband, Agus, opens a motorcycle garage nearby the village market. Yustin went to high school in the city, before she got married and returned to her village. She is questioning the polygamy practice that is very common in her village. She wants her husband to have only one wife. This forces her to go against the village’s tradition, and against her grandfather, who is the chief of her village, who has twelve wives, and her uncle Marten, who lives with Yustin and Agus, who already has three wives and is looking for a fourth.

Director / Producer
  • A_12 Wives_감독_Tonny Trimarsanto.jpg
    Tonny TRIMARSANTO(Director)

    Tonny Trimarsanto is a documentary director who has made 6 shorts and 7 feature-length documentaries. His works has covered a range of topics, from human rights issues, LGBT equality, and women’s rights.

    Gerabah Plastik, 2002 (23 mins) - Best Documentary at Documentary Film Festival (FFD) Indonesia
    The Dream Land, 2003 (36 mins) - Excellence Award Earth Vision Tokyo Film Festival Japan
    Serambi, 2006 (76 mins) – Un Certain Regard, 59 Cannes Film Festival
    Renita Renita, 2007 (16 mins) - Best Asia Film at Cinemanila Int Film Festival Philippines,
    Best Film at Culture Unplugged Film Festival India
    It’s a Beautiful Day, 2011 (22 mins) - Armore Pelegrini Award at Asia Africa Latin America Film Festival Milan Italy
    The Mangoes, 2012 (98 mins)

  • A_12 Wives_프로듀서_Mandy Marahimin.jpg
    John BADALU, Mandy MARAHIMIN, Nicholas SAPUTRA(Producer)

    Mandy MARAHIMIN is a film producer who has worked in the industry for 15years. Her works ranges from commercials, shorts, music videos, web series, documentaries and feature films. 3 Days to Forever(2007, as a line producer)
    John BADALU is one of the founders of Q! Film Festival. He works as a festival delegate for several prestigious film festivals. John has produced 3 feature films. They Don't Talk about When They Talk about Love (2013, as an associate producer), Parts of the Heart(2012, as a producer)
    Nicholas SAPUTRA is one of the most famous actors in Indonesia. His first movie, became a national box office hits and broke record sales. Since 2010 Nicholas has also started to direct and produce his own shorts and documentaries. What They Don't Talk about When They Talk about Love (2013, as an actor), 3 Days to Forever(2007, as an actor)