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무연無緣Ashes to Ashes

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 사회·정치
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Almost completed
  • Production Schedule : 10/2012~11/2015
  • Number of Episodes : 79min * 1episodes , 52min * 1episodes
Log Line

Mr. Kang, who offers free funeral services for those who die alone without family in South Korea, against solitary death.


In the metropolis of Daegu, South Korea, one man, Mr. Kang, offers free funeral services for those with no next-of-kin.
He was diagnosed with late- stage cancer of the bladder in 1995. On the operation table, Mr. Kang vowed to devote his life to the service of others. After his recovery, Kang contacted all the district offices in Daegu stating that he started a non-for-profit service project that offers free transportation, cremation, and a one-day funeral.
However, things don‘t progress so smoothly.
Mr.Kang should accompany a related district officer from the funeral house to crematorium and get an official letter from city hall on every step of the way. After this system comes into action, he should wait the public officer’s permission.
As the official letter moves around between city and district office, he corpses start decaying in each fridge and Mr.Kang can’t pick up the bodies for two or three months.
His wife remains upset about. She fears that this line of work brings her husband closer to death. On the days, he handles corpses she’s especially silent.
In this film, we can see the death itself, and give a unique viewpoint what will be happened after we die.

Director / Producer
  • R_무연_감독_신상훈.png
    SHIN Sang-hoon(Director)

    SHIN Sang-hoon(Director) studied video in a university. After he worked as assistant director in a documentary team, 'With or Without You', he really got an interest in making documentary film. In 2013, his debut project, 'Ashes to Ashes', was selected in the first filmmakers project, 'DISCOVER NEW TALENTS, 'TOMORROW IS YOU', and supported by NGC Korea and KOCCA.

  • R_무연_프로듀서_최우영.jpg
    CHOI Woo-young(Producer)

    CHOI Wooyoung has made for, sold to, worked on Korean broadcasters including KBS, MBC,EBS and TVN since 2002.
    He directed his first 50-minute documentary, ‘Soul performance Gut’, supported by KBI in 2007. In the process, he is named one of the prolific directors in television documentary. In 2008, his documentary, ‘Searching for the legendary gigantic fish, Dotdom(KBS)’, is nominated as the best Wednesday Special Documentary in KBS. He started making his first feature international documentary, ‘Here comes Uncle Joe’, with Crossing Borders and got awarded the Best A.S.D. Award at Asian Side of the Doc 2011,the BIPs Award at Sunny Side of the Doc 2011, and Best long Documentary Award at World Mountain Documentary Festival Chinghai 2014. Recently, he made a middle-length documentary, Mr. Election, and still making an education documentary, Reach For the SKY.

Production Company
  • Name : BODA Media Group

    Contact : 010-6282-6995 /