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마담 BMrs.B

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼
  • Original Language : Korean, Chinese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Almost completed
  • Production Schedule : 11/2012~10/2015
  • Number of Episodes : 80min * 1episodes
Log Line

Mrs.B is a North Korean smuggler in China. She goes to South Korea to be reunited with her sons.


Ten years ago, Mrs.B left North Korea for China to work for a year, but she was sold to a Chinese peasant, to be is wife. Mrs.B was a victim of the system with which she now collaborates: she has become a smuggler herself. She managed to smuggle her two sons into South Korea. Now she is leaving China to meet them, even though she has come to love her Chinese family. The road to Thailand – where North Koreans can apply for political asylum in South Korea. In Thailand, they are arrested and sent to the Bangkok Immigration Detention Centre. Mrs.B is happy to be transferred to the South Korean Authorities, but she is suspected of being a North Korean spy. She finds a job in Seoul, yet her past is still under investigation. She lives with her sons in the apartment the South Korean government grants them and with her North Korean ex-husband. Her situation is difficult. She only finds happiness in her conversations with Chinese husband...

Director / Producer
  • R_마담B_감독_윤재호.jpg
    Jero Yun(Director)

    Born in 1980, Jéro Yun graduated from Busan Design High School and, in France, he got a BA in ENSA and a Master degree in ENSAD. In 2008, he entered Le Fresnoy and, during the course, he made In the dark and Red road – respectively a short and a middle-length films. In 2011, his short Promesse was awarded with the Grand Prize at the Asiana International Short Film Festival. In 2013, The Pig, co-directed with Singing Chen, had its world premiered at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Directors’ Fortnight omnibus program called Taipei Factory. He recently finished his first feature length documentary Looking for North Koreans and he is now working on his second one, Mrs B.

  • R_마담B_프로듀서_차재근.jpg
    CHA Jae-keun(Producer)

    2014 Advisor of Busan Creation foundation
    2012 ~ Advisor of Busan Public Financing Commission
    2010 ~ Advisor of Busan Saha Urban Commission
    2010 ~ Advisor of Busan Social Support Commission

Production Company
  • Name : Su:m (Zorba production/International Sale:Doc&Film International

    Contact : 010.3864.8362 /