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Global Pitch

그림자 꽃Shadow Flowers

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 사회·정치
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 09/2015~01/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 90min * 1episodes , 52min * 1episodes
Log Line

A North Korean living in South Korea begins her struggle to go back to her family in Pyongyang


Her defection to the South in 2011 was a terrible mistake. She was lured by a broker in China who said he could smuggle her into South Korea, where she could make a lot of money in a few months and return to China. She has been trying to return to the North to be with her husband, daughter and ailing mother. But her efforts have only brought her more trouble, including imprisonment on spying charges. Now there are some South Koreans who want to help her. They are trying to appeal to international organizations. Under South Korean government law it is illegal for a citizen to flee to the enemy North. It has been 4 years. She communicates with her daughter by letter which is redelivered by a relative in China. Sometimes she talks to her daughter on the phone, which leaves her heart -broken. No one can tell when her journey will end.

Production Category

독립 제작사 단독 프로젝트

Director / Producer
  • 68_이승준_D.jpg
    YI Seung-jun(Director)

    The multi-awards-winning director of Planet of Snail(Best Feature Documentary Award, IDFA 2011). His filmography includes Wind on the Moon(2014), May I talk to you?(short, 2015), Children of God(2008, NETPAC Award, Jeonju International Film Festival / Best Documentary Award, Eastern Asia Producers’ Forum), Like Wild Flowers - the story of two women(2007, Best Documentary Award, Korea Producers & Directors Association).

  • 218_감병석.jpg
    Gary Byung-seok KAM(Producer)

    Awards-wining producer of Planet of Snail(Best Feature Documentary Award, IDFA 2011). His filmography includes UHD documentary series FASHIONABLE(2015, Korea Radio Promotion Foundation grant), This is Not a Piano(2014, Korea Creative Content Agency grant / Korea Film Council grant), Unification-the History of Korea(2013, ARTE TV), Smart City(2011, Discovery Asia), The Arch of Enlightenment (2010, SKY Arts UK)