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화장, 매혹의 문명사Making Faces

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 역사, 문화예술
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : 4K and more
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 01/2015~12/2015
  • Number of Episodes : 50min * 2episodes
Log Line

When, where and by whom did make-up start?
<Making Faces> presents the glamorous history of make-up in full UHD!


1. Make-up means POWER
Make-up has evolved hand in hand with power. After the primitive people who painted themselves to intimidate the prey or the enemy, mankind proceeded to paint their faces in celebration of supernatural beings. With the growth of civilization from Ancient Egypt to the Ancien Régime, make-up develops as an exclusive property of those in power. In today's democracy, where power comes from people, politicians invest unprecedented costs into make-up to secure their votes.

2. Make-up means TABOO
In the thousands of years of history, it is only in the past century that make-up became women's property. For a long time, make-up remained a "taboo" in many societies. East and West, women's thick make-up was perceived as a sign of lust and vulgarity. The second episode looks at the hidden history of make-up and taboo, following the evolution of make-up from a passive activity to look beautiful in the eyes of men to a powerful tool for women.

Production Category

방송자 자체 프로젝트

Director / Producer
  • G_화장,매혹의 문명사_감독_성기연(small).jpg
    SUNG Ki-yeon(Director)

    - Producer / MBC Documentary Department(2001~present)
    - Produced: consumer rights program DISCONTENT ZERO, current affairs program PD NOTE, documentary program MBC DOCUSPECIAL
    - Awards: YWCA's Best Program Award, Korea Communications Commission's Program of the Month

  • G_화장,매혹의문명사_피디_김진만(small).jpg
    KIM Jin-man(Producer)

    - Chief Producer / MBC Documentary Department
    - Major Works: Tears of the Amazon, Tears of the Antarctic, Insect, the Great Instinct
    - Awards: New York TV Festival Gold Medal, ABU Prize, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Platinum Award, Baeksang Arts Awards

Production Company
  • Name : MBC(Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation)