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학교 교환 프로젝트SWAP SCHOOLS

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 기타(교육)
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 01/2016~10/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 50min * 3episodes
Log Line

The Students and Teacher of two countries swap their schools and experience other educational realities


“Why are students of certain countries better at studying?"
“How schools from other countries educate their students?”
Two countries with different education curriculum, Britain and Korea, will swap their students and teachers who are unsatisfied with the current education system. This opportunity allows participants to figure out pros and cons of both countries’ education system and further an ‘efficient’ way to have high academic achievements.

Production Category

방송자 자체 프로젝트

Director / Producer
  • 208_김현우_D.jpg
    KIM Hyun-woo(Director)

    - <History of Life> 2011
    - <Confession of School> 2012
    - 2013. Korea Broadcasting Association's Award
    - 2013. ABU Documentary Commended Entries, Confession of School - Touching An Elephant

  • 19_추덕담_DM.JPG
    CHU Deok-dam(Producer)

    - <History of Life> 2011
    - <Confession of School> 2012
    - 2013. ABU Documentary Commentation Award
    - 2013. Korea Broadcasting Association's Award

Production Company
  • Name : Korean Educational Broadcasting System(EBS)