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미래연대기Into the Future

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 과학
  • Original Language : Korean
  • Format : 4K and more
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 09/2015~1/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 60min * 3episodes
Log Line

Now unfolds a future that will be dictated by science with its gigantic and wondrous ventures, a future where every imagination becomes real


Episode 1. <2029, Mission to Mars>
Ever since the human kind looked up into the sky for the first time, we have dreamed of going to Mars. A trip to Mars is no longer science fiction. Scientists predict that by 2029, that dream will be realized with a human laying the first step on Mars. We explore one of mankind’s most audacious adventures, the mission to Mars, through scientific analysis.

Episode 2. <2045, the Age of Artificial Intelligence>
Will there be an artificial intelligence that surpasses humans? In 2045, people face an era where they need to compete against AI for work. Numerous occupations will disappear due to AI’s outstanding learning and cognitive abilities alone. We make a forecast on the social impact that the AI will bring, through virtual matches between AI and human.

Episode 3. <2050, NEOBODY>
Is eternal life really possible? Mankind’s long-sought desire to live forever. How is the latest science solving people’s desire for immortality? The cyborgization of humanity. Up to what can we define as human? We predict what future society will look like, confronted with philosophical questions.

Production Category

방송자 자체 프로젝트

Director / Producer
  • 104_이동희.jpg
    LEE Dong-hee(Director)

    Munhwa Broadcasting Coropation Documentary Production Senior Producer.

    - 2006 - 2007 Created and Produced Consumer Report Program <Discontent Zero>
    - 2008 Produced Documentary <Land of Dinosaur>
    - 2009 Produced Documentary <Zoo Story 1, 2>
    - 2014 Produced Documentary <The secret of horned dinosaur>

  • G_화장,매혹의문명사_피디_김진만(small).jpg
    KIM Jin-man(Producer)

    - Chief Producer / MBC Documentary Department
    - Major Works: Tears of the Amazon, Tears of the Antarctic, Insect, the Great Instinct
    - Awards: New York TV Festival Gold Medal, ABU Prize, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Platinum Award, Baeksang Arts Awards

Production Company
  • Name : MBC