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혼돈의 지구Volatile Earth

  • Production Country : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Category : Science, Environment
  • Original Language : English
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 10/2015
  • Number of Episodes : 60min * 3episodes
Log Line

Our planet has seen numerous natural disasters. How can we save ourselves from a future volatile earth?


During the history of our planet, natural disasters have plunged us into an Ice Age, transformed continents into dust bowls, and shielded out sunlight – sending the human race to the brink of collapse. In this series, leading natural disaster experts identify the most extreme catastrophes to have hit Earth in the last 100,000 years. We investigate a volcanic dust cloud, a super flash-flood and a hurricane which flattened a whole island. From the ancient debris left in their wake, our scientists will piece together exactly what happened, turning up clues from Asia to America. How big was the disaster? How did it permanently impact on us, the human race? Using cinema-grade CGI we will recreate each disaster in terrifying detail. Then we ask what would happen if these disasters were to strike again today. What effects would they have on London, New York, Shanghai and Seoul? Using stunning CGI, we show the levels of destruction before exploring early warning systems, and asking what could be done to avert a future cataclysm at the hands of Volatile Earth.

Production Category

Independent project commissioned/pre-bought by or co-produced with international broadcaster(s)

Director / Producer
  • Andy Webb.jpg
    Andy WEBB(Director)

    A BBC-trained journalist turned film-maker, Andy WEBB is one of the UK’s busiest shooting PDs in high end documentary - and now one of the first to become a fully qualified drone-shooter as well! He’s filmed all over the world – from Alaska to Bikini Atoll, Easter Island to St Kilda – from war zones to drama studios – and his work has been recognised with a Gold Medal at the New York TV Festival, as well as two documentary EMMY nominations. Using the skills of a journalist to seek out the heart of the story, he is able to keep a production on track whether on location or in studio - a track record which has seen him hired to shoot more than 40 hour-episodes for major international broadcasters over the last 15 years. Andy has DoP grade skills in camera-work - and also edits to the very high standards required by the landmark shows he’s hired to make.

  • AmandaGroom.jpg
    Amanda GROOM(Producer)

    THE BRIDGE is an independent company facilitating and managing significant television and animation co-production opportunities between Korea and the world wide English – speaking production community. THE BRIDGE acts as a conduit linking English – speaking television producers, production companies, animators, broadcasters and distributors, and Asian producers and broadcasters to help raise the profile of Korean TV and opportunities. The Bridge is currently overseeing 6 major co-production TV projects between US and British broadcasters and production companies and their Korean counterparts. Amanda has over 20 years’ experience in global television production, TV channel programming strategy and channel management across 4 continents, Australia, Europe, the US and Asia. She was MD of Channel Health for Sky Network and Head of Content for PCCW/IMG, a Joint Venture called Network of the World, the first ever broadband initiative delivering content channels across Asia. Amanda has also created European wide formats for Sony Pictures Television International, worked in development with the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Fremantle Media and National Geographic Channel UK. Amanda consults at senior broadcasting level and, at the House of Commons, UK Parliament, chairs Digital Media Advisory Policy Sessions with the Industry and Parliamentary Trust. A UK / Australian Media-Business Woman of the Year finalist, Amanda is honored with Friend of Australia status for her global contribution to Digital Media Thought Leadership.

Production Company
  • Name : Blink Films

    Contact : 442031500777 /