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Why 시리즈 - 현대의 노예Why Slavery?

  • Production Country : Denmark
  • Category : Social·political
  • Original Language : English
  • Format : Etc(N/A)
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 05/2015~04/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 60min * 6episodes
Log Line

More than 30 million people live as slaves around the globe - today


Over 30 million people world-wide, many of them women and children, are exploited for sex and/or labour, or forced into criminality or child marriage. The owning, controlling and exploitation of people against their will is an increasingly devastating situation questioning our understanding of human rights – even the most basic right of being free.
It's happening right now all over the world in all sorts of settings from downtown mansions to rural villages. This is an issue which acutely require global attention. Following the success of Why Democracy? and Why Poverty?, The Why Foundation is creating a groundbreaking new documentary film and cross-media project that asks why, there is slavery in the 21st Century.

Production Category

Independent project commissioned/pre-bought by or co-produced with international broadcaster(s)

Director / Producer
  • Mette Hoffmann Mayer_DR.JPG
    (EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS) Mette Hoffmann MEYER (Not(Director)

    Mette Hoffmann MEYER
    : Head of Documentaries and Co-productions, DR-Danish Broadcasting Corporation

  • Nick Fraser_head shot.jpg

    Nick FRASER
    : Editor, BBC Storyville

    THE WHY FOUNDATION (’THE WHY’) is an independent editorial organisation based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has produced awardwinning documentary series like Why Democracy? (2007) and Why Poverty? (2012).

Production Company
  • Name : Why Foundation

    Contact : +45 24 48 92 18 /