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BBC 호라이즌 - 디지털 시대의 불멸Horizon / Digital Immortality

  • Production Country : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Category : Science
  • Original Language : English
  • Format : Etc(N/A)
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 08/2015~12/2016
  • Number of Episodes : 60min * 1episodes
Log Line

Is our ever advancing technology bringing humans to the cusp of a profound change in our evolution and our destinies?


For centuries humans have dreamed of eternal life. Now, is our ever-advancing technology bringing us to the cusp of a profound change in our evolution?
Meet Dmitry Itskov. A 32 year old Russian billionaire, who wants to live forever. In this documentary we unwrap Itskov’s dream by revealing the amazing science currently undertaken around the world in the hope of developing ‘Digital immortality’
Itskov’s plan is as improbable as it is audacious. He is planning to upload his mind in to a cyborg avatar and achieve immortality. He is racing against time – to bring it about in thirty years, well before he dies. So to make it happen by 2045 he is courting the world’s finest scientific minds - neuroscientists, roboticists and AI experts.
And he is not alone. In Silicon Valley leading figures in the technological elite are also pursing this dream. At the Singularity University on NASA’s Ames base we meet its co-head Dr Peter Diamandis, founder of the X Prize Foundation, who believes the accelerating pace of technological change will lead to a point - the so called Singularity – which will open the door to immortality through disrupting Darwinian evolution and replacing it with self directed evolution.

Production Category

In-house developed project

Director / Producer
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    Steve CRABTREE(Director)

    Steve left school in 1985 and started work as an industrial painter in a shipyard where he painted nuclear submarines. In 1992 Steve went to Art College where he studied film-making and started at the BBC in January 1999 as a junior researcher in the science department, working on Tomorrow’s World where he worked for almost four years eventually becoming one of the producers of the show. Steve has Produced & Directed much of the BBC’s Science, Arts and Business programming, and worked across all four BBC TV channels. Steve is now the Editor of flagship BBC Science Strand Horizon which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014.

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Production Company
  • Name : BBC