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까치발My Daughter's Toe Walking

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 사회·정치, 문화예술, 기타(여성, 장애, 에세이)
  • Original Language : 한국어(Korean)
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 07/2015~01/2017
  • Number of Episodes : 100min * 1episodes
Log Line

Mother and documentary filmmaker takes the camera upon herself in search of an answer to the changes brought by her daughter's toe walking.


I, documentary filmmaker and mother of a 5-year-old daughter, am desperate to find an answer to my daughter's toe-walking, which has given me endless guilt and anxiety since her birth. In the hope that they can understand my complicated feelings more than anybody else, I approach the mothers of disabled children with a camera. I conduct interviews of them. I make podcasts with them. I even make a theatrical play with and for them. But their invaluable confessions and consolations stay with me only for a moment. Deep in my heart, I still whisper to myself "what if my daughter didn't walk on her toes..." After completing the film, will I be able to accept and face my child's toe walking and the changes it implies for me for what they are?

Director / Producer
  • 권우정수정.jpg
    KWON Woo-jung(Director)

    Born in 1976, she attended VJ academy in Citizen’s Coalition for Democratic Media in 2000. Then she joined ‘Docu-in’, an independent documentary production and started making documentaries related to an agriculture village issue. In 2004, she directed her first feature documentary Back to the Soil, which has been invited to the various national and international film festivals and she won “the human right prize of the year” in Seoul Human Rights Film Festival. In 2006, she made an episode of '16 Takes of Korean Society', commented for “Woonpa prize” in Pusan International Film Festival. Her latest work Earth’s Women has been acclaimed at numerous film festivals such as the Seoul Independent Film Festival(Grand Prize) and the Busan International Film Festival(BIFF Mecenat Award) in 2009. Earth's Women was released in theater in 2010.

  • producer_Jihyun KIM.JPG
    KIM Ji-hyun(Producer)

    Born in 1978, KIM Ji-hyun worked for a community media center, MediACT in Seoul, Korea, as a media advocacy researcher from 2007 to 2011, where she became actively involved in independent filmmaking and media activism. After completing her Ph.D. degree in Cinema Studies in 2013, she is now teaching and working as a post-doctoral research fellow at Chung-Ang University. She came to know director KWON Woo-jung since 2007, supporting her to make the documentary feature film Earth's Women by giving comments and feedback from the beginning. My Daughter's Toe Walking is, in fact, her debut documentary film as a producer. She is also a mother of 3-year-old daughter.

Production Company
  • Name : J&R Films

    Contact : +82 10 9820 0330 /