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리틀 걸 블루Little Girl Blue

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : 휴먼, 기타(음악)
  • Original Language : 한국어
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 02/2016~07/2017
  • Number of Episodes : 90min * 1episodes
Log Line

A story of a girl with grade 2 intellectual disability plays a guitar and grows up as a member of the society through music, and move toward her dream as the world-famous guitarist.


Ji-hee never had a friend. She has grade 2 intellectual disability, lacking the sociality to mingle with people. She is a delicate girl, who could have been crying alone in her room, if her father did not recommend her to play the guitar. Now she has a dream to be the world-famous guitarist, and she started to play for other people. She gets applauses for overcoming her disability, but her performance is yet too timid and small to move the listeners’ minds. She feels a high wall in the world of arts that demands creativity and she has to fight with herself and her disability once again. She is desperately trying not to go back to her difficult old days, and learns to live with other people in the world.

Director / Producer
  • aadccf4418e85457e_kor.jpg
    HYUN Jin-sik(Director)

    Documentary director and a musician. Started his career in visual production, directing music videos, and now in many different fields, including films, editing, photograph, and music. He was in charge of formation and editing My Love, Don’t Cross That River(2014), pursuing his own work style as capturing the reality of documentaries along with cinematic narrative and immersion. He made meaningful attempts in his first film Windy Coffee Road (2016). He is a guitarist of a rock band ‘FauloCity’ and the leader of ‘Voight-Kampff’, a film music production group.

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    KIM Na-rae(Producer)

    After graduating the Broadcasting Academy, KIM Na-rae participated in TV documentary producing and stretched her career in different fields such as feature films, commercial films, and web dramas. She is interested in new visual contents and the global format business.

Production Company
  • Name : SEESAW

    Contact : +82 10-2699-2709 /