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새장 속의 노래Singing From Behind The Bars

  • Production Country : Viet Nam
  • Category : Social·political, Environment
  • Original Language : Vietnamese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Pre-Production
  • Production Schedule : 04/2017
  • Number of Episodes : 60min * 1episodes
Log Line

Most wild birds cannot be free to fly and sing in the wild. They're now singing from behind the bars.


This is the story about a reality in Vietnam, where bird-playing is considered an elegant interest of the citizen. This has led to the decline in number of birds in the wild. There are 3 main characters: Hong Ky is a retired stage actor, who found the very first bird-playing club in Hanoi. He is famous in the bird-player community for more than 20 years of experience. However, he is now also "retired" from it since he has realized it is not right to keep the birds inside the cages. - Hoang Minh Quang is a young bird-player, who owns hundreds of precious birds and won a lot of bird competitions. He is so proud of his birds and can talk about them all day long. - Truong Cam is the Head of a forest ranger station in Bach Ma National Forest, located in Hue. He used to catch and trade birds for a living when he was young. One time he got caught, and has changed since then. From a young ignorant illegal bird hunter, he was recruited to the ranger team and has helped scientists to locate some rare bird species. He is now carrying on doing his protecting work and spreading knowledge for visitors in Bach Ma Forest. This film reflects the contrast between the city and the forest; and among the characters. While the city is noisy with bird trade market, it is rare to see a bird or hear them singing in the forest. Although all the characters love birds, one wants to keep them for their own, the others want to set them free.want to set them free.

Director / Producer
  • SFBTB_Hung Dao Thanh_Dir.jpg
    DAO Thanh Hung(Director)

    Born in December 1977, he got B.A in Cinema & Film Directing at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema and Graduated the short filmmaking course in USC. He directed a documentary The Sacred Trace of Luy Lau selected in the Vietnam Los Angeles International Film Festival 2013. Also, his recent documentary Young mother on Vai Thai mountain which was selected project of Tokyo Docs 2015 was broadcasted on NHK World. Now, he is directing and producing various projects for VTV (national television station), VTC (Vietnam Cable TV), VOVTV (Voice of Vietnam TV Channel), etc.,

  • SFBTB_Thao Pham_Pro_low.jpg
    PHAM Phuong Thao(Producer)

    Born in December 1991, She got Bachelor in International Relation, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. In 2013, she directed The Memory Fixer and won Best Documentary in ‘I'm a Filmmaker’ Contest and also directed Vietnam episode The Coffee Trail of Local fixer of BBC program This World with Simon Reeve. Now she is producing documentary projects with VTV (national television station) and VOVTV: S-Vietnam, The Sound of Memory, etc.

Production Company
  • Name : Land of Cinema Production

    Contact : +84 984 181177 /