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Docs Port Incheon to Open on October 30, 2015!

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  • 2015.10.28
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One-stop Platform for Documentary Business
Docs Port Incheon to Open on October 30, 2015!

l  Docs Port Incheon will present the outstanding 30 Korean and Asian documentary projects and the 9 international co-production projects by the world broadcasters.
l  Awards / fund / in-kind support valued total 600 million KRW
l  Korean terrestrial broadcasters including KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS have already signed up to take part. Approximately 200 Korean and international broadcasters, film companies, documentary companies, and related organizations including BBC, NHK, Shanghai Media Group, ARTE France, Tribeca Institute in the United States will also participate into Docs Port Incheon, and 500 industry insiders have signed up for advanced application.
l  Korean industry insiders have already applied for approximately 110 business meetings 3 days in advance of the opening.
l  Docs Port Incheon increases the networking opportunities with various additional programs such as ‘Sales & Funding Guide.’

Introducing documentary projects and supporting them for every stage from production to distribution, a documentary project market Docs Port Incheon 2015 will be held for 4 days from October 30th at Paradise Hotel Incheon. Approximately 200 corporations, institutes and organizations, and 500 Korean and international industry insiders in the fields of broadcasting, film and documentary have already signed up for participation to Docs Port Incheon.
According to the advanced application on the official website of Docs Port Incheon, the Korean terrestrial broadcasters including KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS as well as 200 companies including Korean and international representative film corporations and organizations have signed up for it. Moreover, 500 industry insiders in the field of film, broadcasting and documentary also signed up. BBC in the United Kingdom, NHK in Japan, Arte France, Tribeca Institute in the United States, and other influential international broadcasters and distributors will also join Docs Port Incheon this year. This proves that world important insiders have already considered Docs Port Incheon a significant documentary market in Asia. The participants of Docs Port Incheon also applied for business meetings in advance. Total 140 applications for business meetings from Korean Decision Makers have been already registered up to October 27 in Korea. We can see their active interest in this market.
The market for 4 days largely consists of the pitching section, the business meeting and the additional programs. The main program is the pitching section; the project holders will introduce and pitch their projects to the Decision Makers. Each day includes K-Pitch (Korean Documentary Pitching), A-Pitch (Asian Documentary Pitching), Rough Cut Sales Presentation and Global Pitch: Broadcaster’s Roundtable(Korean and international broadcasters’ discussion). If an insider wants an individual meeting with any project introduced, Docs Port Incheon will provide a business meeting room and professional interpretation service at One-on-One meetings for the project participants. In addition, the market will match a project with buyers or investors for the sake of the most effective business meeting after grasping the features of the project and the propensity of buyers and investors in advance. It will offer the best service for both sides.
Besides, we have other additional programs including Showcasescreening the documentaries introduced last year at Docs Port Incheon, International Co-production Conferencehosted by KCA (Korean Communication Agency), and Sales & Funding Guide the biz talk show offering practical business information. In particular, Sales & Funding Guide is Docs Port Incheon’s first attempt this year. This is a small talk show introducing each company’s guidelines on support, investment and acquisition. The companies joining Docs Port Incheon will present their own guidelines in a comfortable atmosphere. Sales & Funding Guide will be held for two days on October 31 and November 1, and European and American well-known distributors, film markets and mutual-fund companies as well as the broadcasters including EBS, BBC and NHK World have already promised to present theirs. You will be able to obtain unknown information about Korean and international companies in the industry and have a chance to communicate with various participants. This program has already attracted much interest of many participants.
Mr. KWON Chil-in, the Executive Director of the Incheon Film Commission, the host organization mentioned, “We have made every effort to make the best programs assisting close exchanges between participants, encouraging Korean and international major companies to participate into the market. KWON also expressed his pride saying, “The most practical and effective business will be done during the active networking after the project holders pitch their projects.”
Docs Port Incheon 2015 will introduce total 39 acclaimed documentary projects in Korea and Asia, and international co-production projects. It is a market with new concepts providing every documentary project with customized service; for any project including TV documentaries, theatrical documentaries and independent projects of any genre and in any stage of planning, production and distribution. All the industry insiders are paying attention to this market.
If you missed the chance to advanced application, you can sign up at the market as long as you are one of the documentary insiders. Please feel free to contact the office of Docs Port Incheon 2015 for more details about the market participation.

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