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[Notice] Extending the due date for Application of 2018 projects (~13 July)

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  • 2018.07.05
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Docs Port Incheon 2018

Extending the due date for project applications (~13 July)


We extend project submission due date for a week for all three categories Korean Project Pitch (K-pitch), Asian Project Pitch(A-Pitch) and Rough Cut Sales by 11:59 PM 13th Friday, July (KST).


The online submission system will be officially closed at 11:59 PM 13th Friday, July (KST). Please don’t leave it until very last moment!


Apply here:


Also please remember it is important to hit the ‘Submit’ Button. Your entry is not complete until you have submitted it in.


Thank you.


Asian Documentary Project Market

Docs Port Incheon 2018

2018.11.01. ~ 11.04.