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A-Pitch Finalists

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  • 2014.09.29
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페이스북 트위터

It is with great pleasure we announce that fhe following ten documentary projects have been selected as the final A-Pitch projects of Docs Port Incheon.

  1. Ashes to Ashes (Korea) - directed by Shin Sanghoon
  2. Border within Border (India/Bangladesh) - directed by Debanjan Sengupta
  3. Border Bride (Hong Kong/Italay) - directed by Wang Bing
  4. God BLISS Our Home (Philippines) - directed by Nawruz Paguidopon
  5. My Dear Lines (China) - directed by Zhang Nan
  6. The Priestess Walks Alone (Taiwan) - directed by Huang Hui-chen
  7. Ruby Land (Myanmar) - directed by Shin Daewe
  8. The Silent Teacher (Taiwan) - directed by Maso Chen
  9. The Wolf in the Fence (Mongolia/Korea) - directed by Jang Hyo Bong
  10. Zone 9 - A Documentary (Vietnam) - directed by Thu Anh Nguyen

Although we could not include many strong projects due to the very competitive selection process, we hope to see more Asian projects in the future edition of our event.

Should you have any question, please contact Thank you!