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Call for the Best Asian Feature Documentary Projects!

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  • 2015.07.06
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Call for the Best Asian Feature Documentary Projects!

Docs Port Incheon 2015 to open 

October 30th – November 2nd, 2015 at Paradise Hotel Incheon

Submission from August 3rd


lThrough the Korean and Asian Documentary Pitching programs and Rough Cut Sales, Docs Port Incheon will select and announce approximately 30 creative and competitive Asian projects.

lDocs Port Incheon establishes the ‘Global Pitching’ section for TV documentary projects aiming for international co-production.

l13 influential international decision makers from Knowledge Network, ARTE France, SVT, YLE, NHK Enterprise, CNEX, Tribeca Film Institute and others confirmed their attendance to Docs Port Incheon.

lDocs Port Incheon offers the funding platform with a new concept, supplying filmmakers with customized support in the course of planning, producing and completing a project.

lOnline Application for each section starts from August 3rd on the official website.


Docs Port Incheon 2015, the only Asian documentary project market in Korea, will be held from October 30th to November 2nd, 2015 at Paradise Hotel Incheon. This market is sponsored by Incehon Metropolitan City and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The organizers planned this market so as to create the business field providing filmmakers with opportunities to meet investing partners as well as supporting all the process from production to distribution of documentaries. They demonstrated a market named ‘Documentary Pitching Forum’ in 2013, and then changed it into a full-scale international market, Docs Port Incheon last year; 1,000 business professionals from approximately 250 domestic and international companies attended to this market, which finally ended in great success.


This single event of Docs Port Incheon stamped its own existence on many documentary-related persons and parties in the world. In 2015, also, it will introduce approximately 30 competitive and creative documentary projects through K-Pitch (Korean Documentary Pitching), A-Pitch (Asian Documentary Pitching) and Rough Cut Sales. Particularly this year, it establishes a new section named ‘Global Pitch’ so as to actively promote co-productions between domestic and international TV broadcasters‘Global Pitch’ will focus on introducing Korean domestic and international TV projects aiming for international co-production, and plan to pushfully support them to invite production/investment partners. This is the program in cooperation with the Korea Communications Agency under the umbrella of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. Therefore, it is expected that this program will become a cooperative model of documentary-related industries, government ministries, local governments and public institutions.


This year, influential decision makers from major broadcasting companies and distributors in Europe, North America and Asia are showing their intentions to attend. Currently in June 2015, total 13 decision makers have already confirmed their attendance to Docs Port Incheon; Knowledge Network, ARTE France, SVT, YLE, NHK Enterprise, CNEX, Shanghai Media Group, Tribeca Film Institute and others. Docs Port Incheon is, indeed, attracting great attentions as a grand international cultural and industrial event in the international metropolitan city, Incheon.


The application will start from August 3rd, 2015 and any documentary project in pre-production and post-production (from planning to completion) can apply. Approximately 30 projects will be selected through a strictly impartial judging process, and they will be unveiled to the public after making additive development through the various education programs of Docs Port Incheon. Docs Port Incheon will provide best projects with fund and production support by the special documentary foundation and the support in kind for theatrical release, English subtitles and post-production as well as its own support fund. Furthermore, since many investors and fund firms share the view of the purpose of Docs Port Incheon aiming at ‘modular’ business system, there are possibilities for them to join this one-stop new funding platform where you will be able to solve your investment issues from production to distribution at a sitting. The function of this market will be more solid and stable.


Docs Port Incheon will become the new network for Asian documentaries as a real business space in and around Korea. You and your project can apply for Docs Port Incheon 2015 on its official website at . More details about the support fund will be open to the public at the end of July.

Docs Port Incheon 

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