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Docs Port Incheon Opens its Guidelines for Global Project Pitching

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  • 2015.07.23
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A New Platform for TV Documentary’s International Co-Production

Docs Port Incheon Opens its Guidelines for Global Project Pitching


lDocs Port Incheon newly establishes the Global Project Pitching program aiming for international co-production between Korean and international Broadcasters

lGlobal Project Pitching is the cooperative program with the Korea Communications Agency (KCA) in order to invigorate productions of international TV documentary contents. 

lThe final selects will be offered the privilege for the Supporting Fund for International Co-Production of KCA next year.

lIt is an opportunity to build up your network with world-wide TV documentary experts.

lYour project can apply for Global Project Pitching on the official website of Docs Port Incheon for 2 Weeks from August 10th.


The only Asian documentary project market in Korea, Docs Port Incheon 2015 newly establishes ‘Global Project Pitching’ for the TV documentary projects aiming for international co-producing, and opens the detailed guidelines. Global Project Pitching is hosted by the Incheon Film Commission in cooperation with the Korea Communications Agency under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. It has been planned to revitalize international TV content productions.


Any TV documentary project aiming for co-production with international Broadcasters can apply for this program, and individual production companies and producers besides Broadcasters can also attend to this program. The select after passing the documentation and the Round Table pitching will be proceed in front of the world recognized TV industry experts including SMG and ARTE France. The project holders will be able to find their co-producing TV partners, and the best project will be granted 40 million KRW. Furthermore, it is more noticeable that the final applicants will have the privilege of exemption from the first documentation by the Supporting Fund for International Co-Production of KCA in 2016, when they apply for the supporting Fund.


It is noted well that a Broadcaster may apply for Global Project Pitching with its own project and at the same time, the Broadcaster can also attend to Global Project Pitching in its capacity of a commissioner (an agent) when an individual production company applies for it with a different project. Kim Sang-jae the manager of KCA mentioned, “I hope much more TV contents will be produced and distributed in international markets with this chance. During that process, we would like to provide most and various opportunities for Korean Broadcasters and Productions to develop global abilities.”


K-Pitch takes place for the sake of Korean documentary projects for the purpose of Korean theatrical releasing and TV broadcasting; A-Pitch is open for Asian projects targeting at international markets; Rough Cut Sales promotes fast and effective business by introducing films in ‘rough cut’ during their post-production stage. Docs Port Incheon finally establishes Global Project Pitching where TV projects aiming for international co-production meet in a point. Therefore, now it is expected that Docs Port Incheon will strengthen its position as the best Korean documentary market worthy of the name, involving international and domestic areas, covering every project from pre-production to production, and embracing the cinematic field and the broadcasting industry.


Docs Port Incheon’s Global Project Pitching will become a new platform for international co-productions for TV documentaries. You can check out the detailed guidelines of Docs Port Incheon Global Project Pitching on its official website at, and the application is open for two weeks from August 10th on the same website.


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