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Docs Port Incheon 2015 To Release its Award, Support and Fund Worth 600 Million KRW

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  • 2015.08.17
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Korea’s Only Specialized Documentary Market, Docs Port Incheon 2015 

To Release its Award, Support and Fund Worth 600 Million KRW

l  Docs Port Incheon 2015 establishes ‘Documentary Fund’ worth 120 million KRW with Sansu Ventures and SJM Culture Foundation.

l  Docs Port Incheon 2015 newly establishes the CGV Arthouse Award with production support worth 20 million KRW.

l  Docs Port Incheon 2015 initiates the Specialized Documentary Fund with the participation from Korean broadcasters’ documentary departments including KBS Docu1, MBC Special, SBS Special and EBS Docuprime.

l  Docs Port Incheon 2015 also opens a variety of in-kind support including theatrical releases, English subtitles and post-production.

l  On-line application for projects begins on August 3rd (Mon.) and ends on August 21st (Fri.). 

Korea’s only specialized documentary market Docs Port Incheon releases the list of awards, support and fund in 2015 worth total 600 million KRW. In its second year, Docs Port Incheon will hold the business-oriented market supporting remarkable Korean and Asian documentary productions and offering possibilities and opportunities for actual investment. This time, its awards, support and fund do not show only line-ups of the partner companies encompassing diverse fields, but also display newly built and more segmented documentary fund.


First thing we should pay attention to is ‘Documentary Fund’ that Docs Port Incheon establishes along with Sansu Ventures, Korea’s only management company of investment fund union for independent films and with SJM Culture Foundation having actively supported Korean documentaries for years.

Sansu Ventures also established the documentary fund worth 200 million KRW with Docs Port Incheon last year, when it made a decision to invest in With or Without You to be wide-released at the end of September this year, which attracted the attention in industry since it was the unprecedented amount for a single unit investment in a documentary. This year, Docs Port Incheon tries to strengthen stability and industry expertise of ‘Documentary Fund’ as special documentary fund, so SJM Culture Foundation joins in this fund, and establishes the total amount of 120 million KRW. This fund will select one of the well planned Korean projects in Docs Port Incheon with the possibility to produce and the potential to succeed in box office, and invest in it to support.


It is noteworthy that CGV Arthouse, a Korean domestic and international art-house distributor, actively joins in Docs Port Incheon this year. CGV Arthouse participated to Docs Port Incheon as a theatre partner last year, but will provide 20 million KRW for grant this year. This shows its will to actively support Korean outstanding documentary projects. CGV Arthouse presents an award to one of the Korean projects aiming for a theatrical release in K-Pitch, A-Pitch and Rough Cut Sales.


Besides, the SJM Culture Foundation and the Broadcasting Content Promotion Foundation agree to offer 80 million KRW and 30 million KRW each for fund last year and this year. All of the four Korean broadcasters including KBS Docu1, MBC Special, SBS Special and EBS Docuprime will positively join in this market so as to discover decent documentary projects, invest in them or purchase the broadcasting rights of them. Furthermore, these broadcasters will have the opportunity to sound out intention to co-production and active exchanges with overseas broadcasters participating into ‘Global Pitch’ which is our new section for TV contents.

Like last year, our supporting partners providing practical and specific in-kind support include 2L, the COLOR and KT&G SangsangMadang Cinelab, the representative Korean post-production companies. They support post-production for select projects and Furmo DT will offer the English translations and subtitles. In addition, total five independent and art cinemas will participate to Docs Port Incheon as theatre partners including CineCode Sonje, Art Nine, Indie Space and others. Likewise, our partners with each specialty in various fields will offer the full support to our best documentary projects 


The total amount of the award, support and fund accounts for 600 million KRW confirmed until now. This market has great significance itself, for it will bring the experts together from almost every documentary-related public institute, private sector, foundation, organization including the film and the broadcasting scenes, which means beyond the value of the amount. And at the same time, it proves that Docs Port Incheon’s endeavor to create a new documentary funding system is striking a responsive chord to the industry. Producer JO Ji-hoon of Docs Port Incheon expresses with pride of the market, “We will overcome the limit of the somewhat inflexible Korean documentary industry and make a ‘convergence/integration typed documentary market’ where each unit from various fields can freely join in and network.”


Docs Port Incheon 2015 is the special documentary market where major industry institutions in documentary field will gather together for the first time in Korea. It will be held from October 30th for four days at Paradise Hotel Incheon. On-line application for projects begins from August 21st, and for more details, please contact the Project Team of Docs Port Incheon 2015 at 82-70-4909-5297 |

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