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Biz Talk

Overview and Perspective of the International Distribution for Korean Documentaries

- Introduction
Over the past few years, several Korean documentaries have been distributed overseas through the international distributors. These are few questions that arise if you are supposed to work with international distributors instead of domestic distributors. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What kinds of successes and limits of those Korean documentaries, while working with the international distributors? We will invite and listen to the representatives of two leading documentary distributors in Europe, First Hand Films and Cat&Docs, who have been actively involved in the distribution of Korean films with continuous interests.

Date/Time :
4th Nov (Sat), 2017 / 14:30 – 15:20

Venue :
Diamond Hall 2F, Olympos Hotel

Speaker :
Catherine le CLEF (President, Cat&Docs)

Esther van MESSEL (CEO, First Hand Films)

Moderator :
JIN MyungHyun (CEO, MOVEment)

- Companies
Cat&Docs is a Paris based sales agent company specialized in promoting and distributing documentaries from all over the world, worldwide. Cat&Docs is looking for original documentaries, investigative documentaries, always associated with a high standard of content and form. Rigor, respect, curiosity, diversity and innovation: the editorial choices of Cat&Docs must meet the demands of international markets. Cat&Docs has distributed Korean documentaries like Sea of Butterfly (PARK Bae-il), Planet of Snail (LEE Seung-jun), Reach for the SKY (CHOI Woo-young, Steven Dhoedt), My Love, Don’t Cross That River (JIN Mo-young), With or Without You (PARK Hyuck-jee), Iron Crows (PARK Bong-Nam), Bittersweet Joke (PAIK Yeon-ah), My Barefoot Friend (LEE Seong-Gyou), Old Marine Boy (JIN Mo-young), Where is My Son (AHN Chai-min).

First Hand Films
First Hand Films is an international sales agent for non-fiction since 1998. FHF acts as Executive Producer for selected projects like PRESENTING PRINCESS SHAW and DEATH - A SERIES ABOUT LIFE. In 2011, KISS THE FROG FILMS was founded for development and production of smart non–fiction. In 2013, FHF started theatrical distribution in Switzerland, releasing Cannes Caméra d'Or winner PARTY GIRL as well as last year's Oscar Doc CITIZENFOUR. Korean documentaries such as Here Comes Uncle Joe (CHOI Woo-young), Breathing under Water (KO Hee-young) have been internationally distributed by First Hand Films