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The birth of resonance

  • Production Country : Republic of Korea
  • Category : Ethnography
  • Original Language : 한국어 | Korean
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 04/2017~08/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 70min * 1episodes
Log Line

An intangible cultural asset with hearing impairment makes his last large drum with his son.


Sun-bin Lim, Gyeonggi intangible cultural asset, has been making traditional drums for 56 years despite his hearing impairment and paralysis of the lower body. His last wish is to make a grand drum with his lifetime know-hows and skills and to pass them down to his son, Dong-guk Lim, who is also his apprentice. Sun-bin is now ready to complete his grand drum with his son.
However, Dong-guk can never understand Sun-bin’s obsession for traditional drums, which doesn't pay but gives a hard work. Meanwhile, Sun-bin’s life has been enduring suffers to come to where he is now. Sun-bin doesn’t like his son who never tries things hard enough. These two very different people are now trying to reach for one sound.

Director / Producer
  • 페이스북 커버.jpg
    LEE Jeong-jun(Director)

    Lee Jeong-jun directed TV programs for MBC Documentary Special, I Like People, etc as a freelance producer. He participated for the documentary My Love, Don't Cross That Rive(2014) as an assistant director and cimematographer. After, he continuously has been building his career in production of Wind Coffee Road(2016) by director Jin-sik Hyun, Old Marine Boy(2018) by director Mo-young Jin, working as an assistant director and cinematographer. The Birth of Resonance is his first feature documentary debut.

  • K_울림의 탄생_프로듀서_김나래_w260.jpg
    KIM Na-rae(Producer)

    Na-rae participated in the production of broadcasting programs since 2012. She is currently working as a producer and director of feature documentaries. Na-rae has been working on issues such as women's issues and disabled people. She is on production for her first film Suitcase Sailor, a story about her own experience of her fear to be a woman in a family. And she is participating as a producer on Little Girl Blue, a story about the growth of a guitarist with Intellectual disability. A Short version of the film was broadcasted at NHK world.

Production Company
  • Name : Studio Hong-See

    Contact : 010-3169-8938 /