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Green Jail

  • Production Country : Taiwan
  • Category : Social·political, History
  • Original Language : Japanese, Taiwanese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 01/2014-10/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 120min * 1episodes , 55min * 1episodes
Log Line

Grandma Hashima is the final person who knows the secret of "Green Jail". This film portrays the final questions to the mystery of her life.


“Green Jail” was a large-scale mining village under Greater East Asia Imperialism which imprisoned 3,000 miners. Some of them were from the colonies Taiwan and Korea. Grandma Hashima, the adopted daughter of the head of colonial Taiwanese miners Yang Tien-fu, still protects the house where they lived, near the “jail on the sea”. She lives alone in an old shaggy wooden house where the “Green Jail” can still be seen from her window. What has actually happened in the coal mine? Yang Tien-fu has once recruited hundreds of Taiwanese miners to “Green Jail”, making them unable to get back to Taiwan and leave the jail… Is he an assaulter or a victim of Japanese Imperialism? The mining village was blocked and nearly without a connection to the outside world, having its own currency, schools, and forming its own industrial economy. Grandma is 92-year-old now, alone keeping those secrets. It is the final years of her mysterious life, a survivor with the memory of crime, pain and anger, and leads us to reveal the hidden history of the “Green Jail” throughout 80 years.

Director / Producer
  • Green Jail_director_HUANG Yin-yu.jpg
    HUANG Yin-yu(Director)

    HUANG Yin-yu was born in Taitung, Taiwan. His first documentary Wuguwang N. St. to Taipei(2010) is an anthropological film about Thai labors in Taiwan. Temperature at Nights(2013) is a private film which portrays the memory in the military service and his childhood, and was selected in the international competition of Visions du Réel, Buenos Aires International Doc FilmFest, and nominated for the best documentary of Taipei FF. His project Wild Mountains over the Sea was selected in the Doc Station and received the grand prize of Pitching du Réel in Visions du Réel 2015. His first feature film, After Spring, the Tamaki Family...(2016) was theatrical released in Taiwan and Japan; and was selected in Taipei FF, DMZ Docs, Hawaii IFF.

  • YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro_3x4cm.jpg
    YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro(Producer)

    YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro produced a series of documentaries of TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki since 1981 which dealt with the problems of Minamata disease; and then he founded Siglo, Ltd. in 1986, which produced over 60 documentaries and 20 fiction films, including the famous documentaries of SATO Makoto, and the fiction films of HIGASHI Yoichi and HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke. He won the Special Mention of Hujimoto Awards by the film Village of Dreams (1996) which won the Silver Berlin Bear, and the rest of the famous ones he produced including documentaries: Nuclear Scrapbook(1982) by TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki, Living on the River Agano(1993), Self and Others(2001), HANAKO (2001), OUT OF PLACE(2005) by SATO Makoto, Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times(2002), Nihonkoku kenpo the movie(2005) by John JUNKERMAN.

Production Company
  • Name : Moolin Films, Ltd.

    Contact : +81-(0)80-3015-1885 /