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The Terrorist Whisperer

  • Production Country : Malaysia
  • Category : Social·political, Environment
  • Original Language : English
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 06/ 2017 - 07/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 75min * 1episodes
Log Line

In Indonesia, we follow Noor Huda, a former radical member who’s now helping former terrorists to reintegrate back into societ


In Indonesia, ISIS’s influence is growing and the threat of terrorism is on the rise. Little attention is being paid to what happens once terrorists are released back into society after serving their sentences. The fall of ISIS in the Middle East has also seen a new wave of jihadists who are now returning home. What is being done to these released and returning jihadists? We enter the world of terrorist rehabilitation in Indonesia as we follow the work of “Terrorist Whisperer” Noor Huda, a former member of an extremist terror group, who’s dedicated his life to deradicalizing extremists. We document the efforts of his team as they work with jihadists to restart their lives. The film will offer both points-of-views. On one side we have Huda and his team who are trying to help their clients. On the other side, we also tell the story from their clients’ perspectives and the challenges that they face in rebuilding their lives. We will explore what motivated them to join the jihad in the first place, and what eventually made them reject extremism. Our film aims to challenge the conventional methods of dealing with terrorist and hopefully find better solutions..

Director / Producer
  • Director_Producer - Justin Ong.jpeg
    Justin Ong(Director)

    Justin Ong has been directing and producing award winning documentaries for international broadcasters for the past decade. Justin got his big break when he won the inaugural Asian Pitch and produced his first documentary for NHK (Japan) about an ancient water irrigation system in Bali. Since then his work has aired internationally on National Geographic Channel, BBC, Al Jazeera, Disovery Channel, Channel News Asia and many more. His documentaries have garnered Best Direction at the Asian Television Awards and multiple awards at Malaysian festivals. He’s a graduate of the Docs by the Sea forum, Bali (2017) and the Crossing Borders program in Kuala Lumpur/ Leipzig 2011.

  • Fara's New Profile Photo.jpg
    Aminda Faradilla OMAR(Producer)

    Fara oversees production and content development at Dosfellas. She has over 10 years of experience in production having produced programmes for Al Jazeera, National Geographic Channel, NHK and Channel NewsAsia. She was instrumental in developing the original series “Secret Tribes” for Channel News Asia. In 2014, her film “Ida’s Choice” was awarded the Best Documentary at the Freedom Film Festival and screened at the Europe – Vietnamese Film Festival, Hanoi in 2015. Fara frequently attends international documentary film festivals and markets and is constantly seeking international co-production partners and opportunities. She reads everything and anything and is constantly on the lookout for Dosfellas’ next big story.

Production Company
  • Name : Dosfellas

    Contact : +60122050578 /