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Where the Peach Is in Bloom

  • Production Country : China
  • Category : Social·political, Etc(Youth and Children,Education,Human Interests)
  • Original Language : Chinese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Production
  • Production Schedule : 10/2016~05/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 90min * 1episodes
Log Line

It is a story about their friendship, betrayal and their love which can only be concealed.


Taohua (peach blossom) Work-Study School is a juvenile reform school where boys and girls are strictly kept separate. It is divided into two segments; the Upstairs and Downstairs. The former contains students who are sent here by their parents, while the latter contains students sent by Public Security Bureau for criminal offenses. The two segments are separated by a path. Any kind of interactive is strictly forbidden between boys and girls. The story follows Li Wenjun’s journey of becoming the class leader, Leigong and Chanjuan’s puppy love; they are in love and yet are separated by the separation rule. The two storylines converge by the time of New Year celebration and each takes a dramatic turn. Here Where Peach Is in Bloom is about friendship and love to find their own place.

Director / Producer
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    Jiang ChunHua(Director)

    Jiang Chunhua, junior student at National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. In 2014, he finished his documentary short film Funeral, then in 2015, his short film Kite.

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    Ruby CHEN(Producer)

    Ruby CHEN is the Co-Founder and CEO of the non-profit CNEX Foundation Limited, the CEO of CNEX Studio. Her passion to explore talent, support and promote Chinese documentary films internationally, she is the executive producer for almost 90 documentaries, including the award-winning KJ: music and life, Chinese Mayor, A Young Patriot, Plastic China etc. She is also a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), as well as the selection committee of documentary in the Oscars.

Production Company
  • Name : CNEX

    Contact : 886-2-2796-5820 /