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Home in the Mine

  • Production Country : China
  • Category : Social·political, Environment
  • Original Language : Chinese
  • Format : HD
  • Production Status : Post-Production
  • Production Schedule : 11/2014~02/2017
  • Number of Episodes : 90min * 1episodes
Log Line

This film tries to record the work and the life of Chinese coal miners during economic crisis, and to explore the influences of the reform and opening-up on the workers.


Huainan, a city of China, has one of the largest coal reserves in East Asia, which account for 32% of East China's total. In the past 60 years, it has been the main energy and electricity supply base for the Eastern China. However, after 2014, China’s need for coal plunged and Huainan's economic situation changed dramatically. The coal industry was going downhill. Since the second half of 2015, a large group of workers has been laid off. Small coal companies were struggling to survive when the production scale was reducing and many of them eventually went close. These changes had great social impact on the fate of the city. The film takes Chinese coal miners in different enterprises and different generations as protagonist, trying to describe the life of them when coal industry was on the decline.

Director / Producer
  • Michael Chen.jpg
    Micheal Chen(Director)

    Micheal Chen, a director from China. In 2013, Chen made a documentary called Lu Shan Ji, which won ten prizes in different film festivals. Chen has learnt documentary from Wang Bing and participated as a cameraman of documentary Bitter Money, which won the best scenarist award in 73th Venice FF. Chen was born in Huainan, Anhui province, which is the center of coal industry. In 2014, Xi Jinping reformed public sector of the economy, so the coal industry became worse and worse. Chen has started to research and shoot the stories about coal industry in China. Home In The Mine won the best proposal in CNEX.

  • Ruby Chen.jpg_교체요청(1010).jpg
    Ruby Chen(Producer)

    Ruby Chen is the COO of CNEX.CNEX is the short form of “Chinese Next” and “See Next”. It’s a non-profit foundation devoted to the production and promotion of documentaries of the Chinese people. CNEX strives to facilitate cultural exchange between Chinese and the rest of the world through supporting documentaries depicting contemporary Chinese – people of Chinese ethnicity, their living and their society. There will be a chosen theme announced annually to solicit documentary films, articles, publications, and art works through online and offline submission. This will allow CNEX to produce, collect and disseminate influential works. The goal is to preserve the development history of the Chinese people at the beginning of the 21st century to serve as a memoir for our future generations.

Production Company
  • Name : CNEX

    Contact : +8617730173865 / 582929802@QQ.COM