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My Dear Lines

  • Production Country : China
  • Category : Art&Culture, Etc(Personal Story)
  • Original Language : 중국어 | Chinese
  • Format : HD, 4K and more
  • Production Status : Post-Production (10%)
  • Production Schedule : 03/2013~03/2018
  • Number of Episodes : 100min * 1episodes
Log Line

An oriental Antigone works as a migrant waitress but dreams of great achievement in art by sub-consciousness.


My Dear Lines tells a story of a talented country girl ,Ms. Ji, also a migrate worker who works as a waitress in an art school’s dining hall, living with only USD 100 a month but never surrenders to fate and keeps her belief in art and future. The documentary My Dear Lines reflects how those migrant families survive under the background of globalization and modernization of China.
The struggle in mundane dilemma is a common theme of mankind since Greek Tragedy times. My Dear Lines established intimate relationship with the main character, following closely with Ms. Ji’s daily life and inner feelings. The film’s style offered viewers the possibilities to enter her floating destiny. With the beautiful lines drawings she created, the inner emotion sequences were beautifully constructed with strong story arch and visualisation

Director / Producer
  • ZHANG Nan's Photo.jpg
    ZHANG Nan(Director)

    Independent filmmaker born in 1986, Graduated from CUC, based in Beijing, he used to work for CCTV9 Documentary Channel as director of China Central Newsreel and Film Group during 2011-2013. More than 10 award winning documentary programs aired in China and overseas. In 2014 he founded film production company PANGO Pictures.

  • Ruby1.jpg
    Ruby CHEN, ZHANG Yong(Producer)

    1. Ruby CHEN
    Ruby is the Co-Founder and CEO of both the non-profit CNEX Foundation Limited and CNEX Studio. With her passion to explore talent, support and promote Chinese documentary films internationally, she is the executive producer for almost 70 documentaries, including the award-winning 1428, KJ: Music and Life, Mothers, and A young Patriot.
    2. ZHANG Yong
    ZHANG Yong, born in Gansu Province in 1985, graduated from Communication University of China in 2009 majoring TV Directing. He worked as a director in SMG(Shanghai Media Group) for 5 years. He now is an independent producer, the co-founder or Pango Pictures.

Production Company
  • Name : Feng

    Contact :